Revolution For Breakfast

What do you wake up to every morning? Do you wake up alone, with a spouse or a a house full of the bustle of busy family hurrying into the break of another day. I wonder how many of us welcome the dawn with a smile, with hope, with a thought that today may very well be the best day of our lives. I realize that there must be many that struggle to throw the covers off and embrace another hopeless treadmill of an existence. We all probably have found ourselves on both sides of this equation during different times in our lives. Its all just a part of life. We ebb and we flow. I am hoping for a unique existence however. I am hoping for an awakening to sweep across my heart. An awakening that will compel me into the invention of a better world. A world in which I wish to live. A world in wich I am excited to raise my children in. I dont want to concentrate for another moment on the trite, the negative or the doubts that at times have been allowed to cloud my heart. I am brewing with creativity. I am bubbling over with promise. I am convinced that as a son of the living God I have the power to invent a beautiful existence. To create with Him a better way and a better place. I am a carrier a bringer of Kingdom. It is my new day, and I’m eating revolution for breakfast!

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