Revolution For Breakfast

What do you wake up to every morning? Do you wake up alone, with a spouse or a a house full of the bustle of busy family hurrying into the break of another day. I wonder how many of us welcome the dawn with a smile, with hope, with a thought that today may very well be the best day of our lives. I realize that there must be many that struggle to throw the covers off and embrace another hopeless treadmill of an existence. We all probably have found ourselves on both sides of this equation during different times in our lives. Its all just a part of life. We ebb and we flow. I am hoping for a unique existence however. I am hoping for an awakening to sweep across my heart. An awakening that will compel me into the invention of a better world. A world in which I wish to live. A world in wich I am excited to raise my children in. I dont want to concentrate for another moment on the trite, the negative or the doubts that at times have been allowed to cloud my heart. I am brewing with creativity. I am bubbling over with promise. I am convinced that as a son of the living God I have the power to invent a beautiful existence. To create with Him a better way and a better place. I am a carrier a bringer of Kingdom. It is my new day, and I’m eating revolution for breakfast!


I’ll See You At The Crossroads, Crossroads, Crossroads…

Life is an amazing journey. It is fraught with so many ups and downs and everything in between. I am by my own volition a very emotional person who has learned and is sill learning how to control my emotions because as I have learned, if I dont take hold of my emotions they will take hold of me and control my entire life. It is difficult at times to find out things about ourselves that we need to change but it is imperative to find these things out as soon as possible in order to be a progressive person. I have of late been realizing that there are some areas in my own life that are lacking. I feel as though in some ways i have run myself into the ground. I have given as much as I can give to life at this point. This realization does not lead me to want to quit or to “end it all”. On the contrary, it has me looking for the antidote to the burn. I realized today after talking to my friend that my problem is that I do not know how to effectively enter into resting patterns in my life. This doesn’t mean that I am always busy or that I am the hardest worker in the world. What it does mean is that I do not know how to just rest, to just be. Even when I am spending time in prayer and meditation I am always looking for the next word  or the next bit of direction for my life. In this state it is impossible to recharge. God teach me how to rest in you and please restore the joy of my salvation. At this crossroads in life where I am seeking for your  peace, let me find it in your embrace alone.

Africa Day At The Church! Everybody Everybody Take Off Your Shirts!

About three years ago five friends and I embarked on a trip to africa to release the goodness of Jesus through signs wonders and miracles. We saw many awesome things many healings and miracles. One of the services, under the cashew trees, we saw a young boy’s leg which was twisted with palsy since birth become perfectly straight before our very eyes. Because of this, his entire family came into an wareness of the love and power of Jesus. Those two weeks were filled with so many life changing experiences… too long to list in this short blog. So many new sights flooded my mind. New smells too. However one thing I remember very vividly on more than one occasion seeing people either partially naked or completely naked throughout various times during this trip. We would be driving and a man would be in the field beside us naked. Or, I would walk around a corner and there would be a woman with a baby… naked. It was easy to conclude that the people in this part of the world must have a completely different concept of physical modesty than we do here in the us. During these times when I would mistakenly stumble across these nude people, it was pretty embarrassing for me, however the naked people seemed extremely comfortable.

One day, a few months ago after a rehearsal fo a wedding, i hopped on the drums and began to play out a beat. as I played I began to sing the words… Its africa day at the church everybody everybody get buck naked common… its africa day at the church everybody everybody take off your shirts. I thought the lyrics to my impromptu song were just freakin hilarious so I continued to sing louder untill more people could hear me. some people thought it was funny. Some people were astounded that i was singing such things in a church. So, this little anthem was something that a few friends and I would sing from time to time for a laugh… But… Then I felt as though one time as I was singing my little song the Lord was speaking to me saying that this song was not just meant to be funny… but that it had a lesson that He wanted people to hear… really hear!

What  I felt He was saying is that we are too closed off. We are too concerned about what everyone thinks of us… we are too concerned about the outer clothing or what we want people to see us as and we are not enough concerned with letting people into our hearts to see the real us.  He was saying, I want my church to get naked and to stay naked (not literally naked) but spiritually, emotionally, relationally naked. He wants His people to stop being self conscious and begin to really share life with others. Intimacy with God can not be achieved if we are not able to become intimate with the trust worthy people who He has placed in our lives.

So you have my permission… Its Africa Day let’s get naked!

Here is the little tune if you want it to be stuck in your brain too… Ha Ha!

Release The Sound

Ok… So last night we went out again to North Park and we released the sound of heaven in front of “Lady of the Lake” new age shop. It was cool nothing super eventful, I posted a little bit of footage from the night. I just want to challenge any one who might read this blog… It is time to live… I mean really live! Our small crew that is going out to North park is believing that God is going to begin to release revival all over that area. We truely believe that we are about to see signs wonders and miracles all over the streets of North Park. We are not about to see these things happen because we are “Super Christians” as Chassion would say, but because we are willing to take what we have and use it. I want to encourage you because I have been one of the most in-house christians ever, but because of just stepping out a few times I can already see huge gains in my boldness levels. So, even if you may consider yourself a shy or timid person I truely believe that as you begin to step out the doors to release God’s Kindom you will see some amazing things happen right in front of your eyes… Not to mention, you will be living your dream… You will be fulfilled… Your life will be exciting… Go for it!

Mentored By Love #2

And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. Matthew 23:9

I have no problem with recognizing the need for spiritual authority and I have found that in this “fatherless” generation, people are in deperate need of true fathers in their lives. Why would Jesus then say not to call anyone father, or teacher, or master? If you look at the entire passage of Matthew 23, you will see that he is adressing people who call themselves teacher, and master and father, but have no desire to lead people into the path of righteousness. The reason is that one can not lead down a path that they will not walk. Many times people set out a list of rules, or a check list, to simplify “discipleship”, and by doing so create religion. They set out a list to make it easier for people to follow them, or perhaps to make it easier to corral people into their specific way of thinking. It becomes easy for leaders to prefer uniformity over individuality because it is much easier to direct people who all think and act the same. The problem is that everyone is different. God made us different because He is so good. He made us free so that we can rule from the dominion of heaven with the authority of joint heirs. What true fathers do is walk with their children. True fathers come along side and encourage their kids every step of the way. True fathers constantly find ways to set their children up to recieve and multiply their inheritance. The Greek word παράκλητος, paráklētos, “one who consoles, one who intercedes on our behalf, a comforter or an advocate”, is the word used in John 14:16 when Jesus said he would send another couselor… Holy Spirit. I believe that as many of us look to find spiritual parents, we must make sure that they are a person who has the great counselor Holy Ghost along side of them. Not that they run flawlessly, but that they are commited to the journey. Amazing parents are those who are committed to process, even if it is messy, even if they risk being hurt along the journey. In context, Jesus was not saying that no one should ever be called father, what he was saying was that no one should ask to be called father unless they are willing to live the selfless existence of a parent, toward their spiritual children. How I long to love my biological and spiritual children in a selfless fashion. How I long to acrue a vast treasure of spiritual depth, and mentor those around me to not only inherit but to create spiritual wealth that will increase from generation to generation. How i wish to be mentored and mentor by LOVE.

Mentored By Love

A person can not love unless they have been loved. A person can only love to the degree by which they have been loved (those who have been forgiven much love much Luke 7:47). The first and foremost commandment is such because the Creator knew that we would not be equipped to love anyone unless we had a chance to interact with the greatest love of all…. His love. Any love endeavor of ours, aimed towards his heart produces a communion with Him that models for us, what love is. God’s love models what real love should look like in our other relationships. The truth is, that before interaction with His pure love, we have no idea what love can be. Before interaction with Holy Spirit, we have no idea what true life is. The possibilities are not even accessible to our imagination if not for their introduction by Holy Spirit. We need His presence not only in our church services… we need Him in our thoughts. We need Him in our dreams. We need him to model for us, what true life is. We need to be mentored by Love.

How To Tame A Lion?

So I began reading a great book the other day entitled “the Pursuit of Holiness” by Jerry Bridges, and I must say that so far it is a very good book. For me the very idea of the topic of holiness is something that I have steered away from to a certain degree. I do know that God is holy and I admire that about him, even though I don’t know that my mind has enough juice to wrap  around the concept at times. I have been leery of this word for a while because one: I didn’t really understand what holiness really is, and two: it seems as though many times people to often take the cookie cutter approach in the application of holiness to real life. This has never seemed to be ok for me. I’ve wondered why we simply present a certain list of prohibitions, and label the adherence to such behaviors as holiness. Could holiness simply be a list of rules? God is holy,  and I know that it is His desire that we His lovers are holy. However, holiness can not be relegated to certain items that people chose to engage in or abstain from. So what is it? Holiness, in my understanding, can only be found in the covenant relationship that we develop with Holy Ghost. I will explain… I have a friend, who whenever we leave a restaurant and hop into the car says… “Ok Holy Spirit, what do you want to do next?” This could seem to some a silly thing to do, but it is truly in my friend’s heart to know God’s answer. Holiness is like this. “Holiness is nothing less than conformity to the character of God.” (Jerry Bridges) What is on His heart at any given moment? If we ask and He answers, and if we do what he said, we will be in perfect alignment with His holiness. So would God smoke a cigarette? Would God drink wine? (I think Jesus sipped some syrup) I don’t really know the answer to these questions. But I know that as we walk with God He will lead is into His holiness. If we are attentive to his voice (that speaks in many ways, yet most of the time softly to our conscious), We can not be deterred from walking in alignment to His holiness. Its is true that many times our flesh and our desires are not the desires of God for us. Sometimes we willfully disregard His word. At times it can be as though we are trying to tame a roaring lion, made up of wild passions for all the wrong things. We might find ourselves getting our butts kicked by a laundry list of reciprocation resembling shameful tail behind our equally long list of poor choices. So, how do we remedy this? How do we come into alignment with the holiness of God and once and for all dismiss all of the attributes of our character that we don’t find in common with the stuff attributed to God’s character? How do we even know the extent of God’s character? I say that we must ASK! We must ASK! And, we must ASK, until we know what is on His heart. Paul said: pray continually (1 Thessalonians 5:17). What does that mean to you? To me it doesn’t mean to stay pent-up in a room clutching your pillow crying out to God in hopes that He might some day answer you. To me it means to never stop talking to Him. Ask Him all day, what is it that you would have me do this minute that will best reflect your character to the world around me? You know, God’s holiness is not for Him… God’s holiness is for the world… it is for us! He is holy for us and we can learn to be just like Him. We can learn to be the exact reflection of that character. He wants us to be the exact reflection of His character. The reflection of His character is what will change the world. So, I charge you today walk in his shadow. walk in a love connection with Him. Walk in His holiness.

Because it is written: Be holy, because I am holy… 1Peter 1:16